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Selling a house fast can be a tricky proposition when you do not deal with the right buyers. You want to deal with buyers that have the experience in dealing with many different situations that can arise when selling your house. Even if you think selling your house will be simple, unexpected things often come up, and dealing with inexperienced buyers can turn your selling experience into a big headache.

FL House Buyers are local real estate professionals that have bought countless amounts of houses in the South Florida area, often dealing with the most complex real estate transactions. The last thing you want to do is sell your house to an inexperienced buyer and have the deal fall apart after weeks and weeks of waiting to close. You want to deal with a Buyer that can act quickly, offer you top dollar for your house, and most importantly close on the transaction as promised.

FL House Buyers are known to buy houses at fair prices and in any condition or situation possible. No matter what condition your house is in, you will get a competitive price for it when dealing with the FL House Buyers.

Here’s the list of reasons why you should contact the FL House Buyers when you are looking to sell your house fast in the South Florida area.

1. Almost no formalities when selling your house
The worst part that almost every seller hates is the numerous formalities that are often necessary when selling a property. There will be no need to show your house over and over again to inexperienced buyers that will waste your valuable time. No need to wait weeks to see if your buyer gets approved for their loan.

Within hours of contacting FL House Buyers we will do our research, view your house, and propose an offer amount after assessing your property. If you are okay with the price they have proposed, you can sell the house to them and have a written contact on your house within 24 hours.

2. Reliable buyer
FL House Buyers are reliable enough that you can trust the price they offer you for your house. Why? We back up our offers with supporting documentation that you will easily understand. We will review this information together with you while discussing our offer. We are seasoned professionals so we have the experience to get even the most complicated of deals done for our clients.

3. Cash offers within 24 hours
The best thing about the FL House Buyers is that they will make you a fair cash offer within hours of viewing your property. So, if you are planning to move to another state in a week, that’s no problem, you will easily move on after selling the house to them.

4. We Buy Houses in “As-Is” Condition
In the event you are selling an ugly, vacant, or abandoned property, which is not in a very good condition, that’s no problem for FL House Buyers! There’s no need to make any necessary repairs to your property when you deal with FL House Buyers. We will buy your property in “As-Is” condition. Put down that paintbrush, there’s no reason to do any work.

The points discussed above are only a few of the several reasons why the people do business with FL House Buyers. Whether you need to sell their old home for financial reasons or because of any other emergency, we can help!. So, if you own a property in South Florida that you want to sell fast, then it is advised that you contact FL House Buyers to get the best offer for your house. FL House Buyers are the best buyers you will find in a short interval of time. Experience, honesty, fast all-cash offers, and receiving the best offer for your property are a few of the unique features of FL House Buyers.

What Are Real Estate Bird Dogs?

Bird DOgs Help Locate Property

Starting out as a wholesaler in real estate business requires high initial capital funding which may not be available to most novice investors. However, one can still work their way into the real estate wholesale business through other means that do not require high funding. Bird dogging is one of the easiest and most practical ways of making significant income from real estate with the least finances. A real estate bird dog basically acts as a middleman who receives commission based on sealed deals between buyers and sellers. The main aim of bird dogging is to hunt down properties that are ready to be sold and source interested buyers. The job may seem simple but includes a lot of networking and hunting.

How a Real Estate Bird Dog Works

A bird dog, also referred to as real estate jobber or deal scout, is paid referral fee by the investor for finding distressed real estate property. Distressed real estate simply means property whose owners are almost desperate to sell. The phrase can be used synonymously with motivated seller leads. The deal scouts are therefore property finders who search for ready-to-be-sold real estate property and refer buyers such as wholesale investors. When the property is sold and deal sealed, the real estate investor pays a small fraction for the referral. Searching for seller leads and connecting them with active real estate investor is not as lucrative as property flipping. Nonetheless, it is a good starting point for beginners who have little real estate knowledge, confidence and funding. As a real estate bird dog, there is no requirement that subjects you to signing a contract. The only duty is to find sellers who are having problems selling or those searching for buyers and connect them to investor willing to pay. The contract is made between buyers and sellers. The property finders only get paid for sealed deals.

Advantages of bird dogging

There are many benefits of starting out a real estate bird dog. Some people do this as their full-time job while most practice it as a part time venture. Some of the advantages of bird dogging include;

  • You can make money from completed transactions with limited financial or business risks especially since you do not sign any contract
  • You can earn money while you continue learning about the real estate world and business
  • Build a list of contacts containing active investors and wholesale buyers. This will be very important for future prospects
  • It can be done as a part-time venture while you learn how to create discounts or decide whether real estate is your appropriate career.


Despite the benefits of limited risks and initial fees, bird dogging also has a few demerits. Perhaps the main disadvantage is that hunting down properties for sale requires heightened networking, learning and prospecting while its remuneration is only a small fraction of the deal. When compared to the profits made in actual property flipping, a bird dog’s earning is quite small. It requires several deals before compiling the money to become an active income buyer.

Bird dogging is a common practice that fetches good money for beginning realtors. It also offers a chance to learn and develop real estate prospects. Bird dogging is usually a temporary involvement that is taken over by active property flipping after compiling enough funding.

4 Things Sellers Must Know

4 Things You Must Know When Looking to Sell Your House Fast!

It’s no secret dealing with a Cash Buyer when you are looking to sell your house fast is the best option to go with. It’s also no secret that “We Buy Houses” Companies need to buy properties at fair enough prices that allow them to stay in business. We at FL House Buyers strive to put together fair real estate transactions with all Parties involved. Below are a few “must knows” you need to aware of if you are looking to sell your house fast.

1) Most Investors use a similar formula when determining how much they can offer for a property. No, we all didn’t attend the same real estate seminar, but generally speaking there are common guidelines most “We Buy Houses Cash” companies follow, BUT no all “We Buy Houses Cash” Companies are created equal. Some deal ethically and fair, while others look for short cuts and do not care about the integrity of their business.

2) Check References. By this I don’t only mean past clients, but call the Title Company they want to use. Call the Attorney that they say they work with. We at FL House Buyers purchase many properties each month and have built sound business relationships with many reputable real estate companies in the South Florida area that would gladly take your call and let you know how FL House Buyers has a good reputation of putting together fair and ethical real estate deals.

3) If you are short selling your house, the company you work with should never charge you up an upfront fee. This should be an immediate RED FLAG for you. We at FL House Buyers will help you facilitate the entire transaction with your Lender and we never expect any fee upfront for our services.

4) You may think a “We Buy Houses Cash” company will offer you less then you can get on the open market, but you could be wrong. If you use the services of a real estate agent, you will need to pay them 6-7% commission for selling or finding a buyer for your property. We at FL House Buyers do not charge you this fee. We also can typically pay all or most of your closing costs (1-3%). When you sell your house you also don’t have the headache of showing your property over and over again, baking cookies every Sunday for an open house. You won’t have to deal with “tire kickers” that will waste your time. FL House Buyers is a professional real estate buyer and we have the experience to get even the most difficult transactions done.

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Top Reasons Why People Sell

Are you looking to selling your house fast in the South Florida area? It could be because you are about to lose your home or simply because you must relocate within a short notice because of a job transfer. For whatever reason, FL House Buyer can help you sell your home hassle and stress free. When you are in quick need of cash or have a few days before you move, listing your property for sale is not a thing that you should think of. This is because in these listings, it may take even a year before you can find a buyer, which means that you will lose your home or you will be unable to relocate if it depends on the sale of your house.

Why Families in Florida Need to Sell House Fast

Although the main reasons why most people in Florida opt for quick sale service is when they are in need of quick cash or an immediate move, can help you even when you just need to sell your home. Selling your home through the market is not easy. You will have to learn the selling techniques, prepare your house for sale by renovating and even learn on the recent effective ways to convince customers. If all these processes are too much for you, then quick sale is convenient for you. makes it easy and simple to sell your home quickly. The process is straightforward, you need to contact them, they will take you through the breakdown process and then they will carry property assessment. Depending on the size of your home, location and type, they will make you a provisional cash offer and if you accept, they will provide you with cash as per the agreement. The reasons why people may need to sell their house quickly are many and diverse but some of the common reasons include;

Financial Reasons

Financial difficulty is one of the major reasons why people quickly sell their house. The causes of financial problem are wide and diverse. It may be because you have a loan that you are unable to pay back and you need quick money to repay it or it may be because you are sick and need to raise money to pay your hospital bill. Or it could be because you need money to pay for your school fees or cater for any other emergency.

Divorce Issues

Are you going through a divorce process with your partner and you are unable to decide who should live in the house? In most occasions, the couples are expected to split the value of the house in half requiring the need for a quick sale. FLHouseBuyer will help you sell the home quickly based on your individual requirements.

Costly Repair Work

Do you have a house that requires extensive repairs before it can become habitable? If the cost of repairing the home is too high, it might make sense to sell the property instead of repairing it. It may make sense to sell the property and add money that you could have used for repairs to buy an appropriate house.

The Need to Move Quickly

Is there a need to move from the area quickly? It could be because of a job transfer or increased crime rate but whichever the reason, FLHouseBuyer can help by offering you with tailored service to suit your family needs.

Why Short Sales Fail!

Short sale transactions can be complicated, lengthy, and are tedious amounts of work to negotiate.

Unfortunately, most Lenders only pay an agent commission of 2.5-3%, at closing, to process and coordinate the sale throughout the entire process.

Short Sale Approved

Typically, the property gets listed, the agent receives multiple offers, and then chooses the highest one despite not knowing much about the buyer or how serious they are.

The short sale process typically takes about 6 months, sometimes longer. During this waiting period the Buyer often becomes impatient or get’s interested in or has the opportunity to purchase another property.

If the buyer does wait it out, no matter what the offer price, the Lender will typically counter offer with a higher sales price then what the Buyer initially offered (shocking right!).

Additionaly, all to often the Lender will refuse to pay a portion or ANY of the Sellers closing costs. Lenders will typically not pay for back taxes, liens, judgments, city fines, past due water bills, etc. It usually falls to the Buyer to pay any of the many unexpected expenses that often come up at closing.

Neither Buyers or their Agents, typically factor in these “surprise” costs the Buyer may ultimately be on the hook for. As we see all often, in this scenario if the Buyer decides not to close, you as the Seller are forced to start the entire process over. (how motivated do you think your Agent will be to work the short sale if they have to start the process over with a new Buyer.

We have found that working directly with your florida based house buyer from the start can eliminate these “surprises” by using a well planned out approach to the deal that has given a lot of short sale Sellers success in getting their transactions closed.

When you work directly with your buyer from the get go, you can plan the transaction accordingly, you can stay on the same page throughout the process, and you as the Seller will have less surprises.

Furthermore, it is equally important that when you have the right party negotiate the sale directly with the lender. As mentioned, most real estate agents only receive a 3% commission at the closing of the sale. Negotiating with the lender falls outside an agents “normal” duty during a non-short sale transaction. With this being said, it makes sense that not all real estate agents will be as highly motivated as you will be about getting the sale done.

The alternative is to work with a buyer or agent that has a proven effective short sale negotiator on their side. We have found that having an attorney speak directly with the lender can be more effective then a real estate or title agent calling the lender.

Tons of short sales get done everyday! Don’t stress out over choosing how you move forward with your short sale. Just be an informed seller and work directly with people that prove your trust – and we hope that becomes US!

Five Tips to Avoid a Foreclosure

Pre-recession the climate was ripe with fierce competition among lenders with magical mortgage options and government policies encouraging home buyers to purchase houses. The bubble popped. The record in home ownership was equaled by a record number of foreclosures especially during the recession. Many more home owners lost their homes. Many more are still not in the clear. All it takes is a few missed mortgage payments and a lender can initiate foreclosure proceedings. Maybe you are one of them facing foreclosure proceedings and facing the risk of losing the home you worked hard to buy and risk ending up in debt. If you are faced with foreclosure, here are five steps you can take to avoid foreclosure proceedings.

1. Prioritize your mortgage:

Whatever you do, first pay your mortgage. Credit card bills, personal loans and other secured loans should be your least priorities. Credit card companies will pounce on you faster than your mortgage lender and they will harass you over the phone and threaten legal action. However, the consequences are not as serious as missing out on your mortgage.

2. Seek Help If You Need It:

Get credit counseling or enter a debt management program. Research them carefully as some charge exorbitant fees. Some agencies provide foreclosure avoidance services. Take advantage of all remedies available.

3. Notify your lender if you’ve problems paying the mortgage:

Lenders don’t benefit from foreclosures. It is not in their interest. They will be willing to work with you if you can guarantee to make payments on time. Alternatively, they may extend your grace period or they might accept reduced payments. Don’t wait for them to send you a letter first.

4. Sell Your Home Fast:

It might be the toughest decision you will ever make. However, it is less painful than spoiling your credit history. If you work with a reputable company, you may not only break even, but you might even walk away with credit and peace of mind. Valuable, you can walk away and start your life afresh.

We Buy All Kinds of Houses

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